Instructions on Advertising Your Home or Property

The following is some advice and tips on creating your ad with BC Island Homes to ensure the process is a smooth and easy one for you.

Account - Why do you require an account? Having an account with BC Island Homes allows you to have access to your ad 24/7. Your account enables you to change photos, change text, or adjust your price in real time. What this means for you is that once you have saved your changes, the revised ad appears on line immediately.

Information - Make sure you have all the information gathered that you require for your ad. You want your ad to be as complete as possible when you first go live. Yes, you can always add information later, but you only get one chance to make a first impression. Make it your best! Some of the information you require includes age and size of house, room sizes and descriptions, taxes, property size, and proximity to amenities.

Price - The peak interest in your home or property is the first 30 days it is advertised. Do your research. Establish an accurate and competitive selling price. BC Island Homes recommends that you set your selling price just below whole numbers such as 299000 rather than 300000. It is a proven marketing technique that works! Enter numbers only on the form. No commas or dollar signs. 

Description - The field box on the form titled Description has two purposes. It is the text for your Classified Ad that appears on your community listing page and it is the text that Buyers first see when they open your Web Page Ad. Make sure it grabs Buyers' attention and includes some of your house or property's best features. Struggling with your creative writing skills? Feel free to contact BC Island Homes and we will be happy to help you put together an exciting ad.

Map - The Location field on the ad form calibrates the marker location on the Google map. 

Taxes - Put in the full amount of the current property taxes before grants. Round your taxes up or down to the nearest whole dollar. No commas or dollar signs.

Rooms - BC Island Homes encourages you to add description in each room field as well as the room sizes.

Additional Information - If there are features of your house or property not covered on the rest of the form, BC Island Homes recommends that you take advantage of the Additional Information field to highlight these features.

MLS Postings - For those that would like additional advertising on, we are pleased to offer MLS Postings through an independent broker in conjunction with your advertisement on BC Island For more information about MLS Postings click here. When choosing your web ad package, please ensure you tick the box that indicates you are interested in your property being posted on MLS and we will arrange for the broker to contact you. You are under no obligation to advertise on MLS from ticking the box. The broker will simply contact you to provide the relevant information and answer any questions you might have.

Photos - Photos must be a miniumum of 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels. Photos can be slightly larger and will be adjusted to fit. However, if your photo file is too large, the program will be unable to load it and you will receive an error message.

The order of photos is important. Your first photo is the photo that will be used for your Classified Ad and the primary photo of your Web Page Ad. BC Island Homes recommends a front exterior photo for the primary photo. The order that the photos appear on the form is the same order that they will appear on your Web Page Ad. BC Island Homes recommends that your photos be in the order that someone walking through your house would see each room or view. Not happy with the order that you loaded your photos? Not to worry. To the left of your photos (in edit mode) is a drag icon that looks like a cross. You can click on the drag icon to move your photos up or down to rearrange the photo order.

What photos to include? BC Island Homes recommends a front exterior shot for the primary photo. In all likelihood what you have loved best about your home or property is what will appeal to potential Buyers. Some other recommendations include -
choose the best features of your home;
kitchens and bathrooms have a big impact on the sale of a home;
if you have a great view take a photo of that;
include photos that best represent your home or property.
If you are unable to take photos or you are not satisfied with the ones you have, considering highering a professional photographer in your community that can meet your needs and fits within your budget.

BC Island Homes has added a great new selling feature to the photos. You will note that there is now a Title field next to each photo upload. This provides you with an opportunity to include a description of each photo. The descriptions will appear below each photo as the Buyer views the photo slide on your web page.