Thetis Island

" Interest and enthusiasm are the wellspring of continually evolving community life. "

Henning Hansmann 


Thetis Island is located just 6 kilometres off the east coast of Vancouver Island near Chemainus. There are 375 permanent residents on Thetis Island. This number triples in the summer months. 

Thetis Island was first settled in the 1870’s primarily due to its well protected harbour. There are no public parks or public lands on Thetis Island other than a community trail that runs the length of the Island. Yet it remains pristine thanks to three Christian camps that, combined, own the majority of Thetis Island. Thetis Island is the smallest of the Gulf Islands at only 10 square kilometres. It is part of the Islands Trust. 

Despite its small size there is plenty to do on Thetis Island. BC Ferries services the Island from Chemainus. There are over 250 species of birds that live in or migrate through the area. The sheltered harbour is shallow enough for warm ocean swimming in the summer months. Walking or cycling is a great way to explore Thetis Island and discover the many art studios and farm gate sales that dot the landscape. There are plenty of opportunities for kayaking, diving, fishing, beachcombing, boating, and wildlife viewing. 

Services are very limited on Thetis Island. There is a church, a one room elementary schoolhouse, two marinas, convenience store, gift store, a libraray, a community run wharf, and a community hall. There is a farmers market during the summer months. Thetis Island has a restaurant, pub, and a cafe to choose from. 

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Community Events:

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