Whole Home Web Ad Plus


Online classified ad listed on your community listing page
Link to your BC Island Homes web page ad
One page web advertising wih descriptive text
Your own web address (www.bcislandhomes.com/youraddress)
Twenty large photos provided by Seller
Google map link to your home or property
Visitor counter on your web page for activity
Displayed as a Sitewide Feature Ad on BC Island Homes.com
Displayed as a Sitewide Feature Ad on Your West Coast.com
Professional 'FOR SALE' lawn sign * * with metal frame, customized for you
Professional 'FOR SALE' directional sign * * with frame
Feature sheet holder * *
50 printed feature sheets
PDF of feature sheet for you to keep
One sold sticker
Allow five to ten business days for shipment of sign package
Ad is valid until your home or property sells
* * A conditional sign deposit of $45 is included. Signs and feature sheet
holder must be returned in reusable condition to receive deposit refund.

Price: $499.00